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New! A couple of Active-X controls (VB5CCE, need Win95/NT4 and IE3.02)
New! Demo of Microsoft Agent ver. 2 (Need Windows 95/NT4 and Internet Explorer 3.02)
Product Information, Technical Information: Wavin Pressure Pipes (MS Visual Basic)
Supervision, Data Collection: Water and Sewage Installations (MS Visual Basic)
Data Communication: The Comli Protocol (MS Visual Basic)
Simple general program for supervision and data collection: Comli Protocol (MS VB)
Hydraulic calculations for Water and Sewerage (MS Visual Basic)
Simulation of digester process at Sewage Treatment Plant (MS Visual Basic)
Multimedia Presentations: Problems with Sulphur Hydrogen in Sewers (MS VB)
Program for organisation of Tennis Tournaments (MS Visual Basic)
Use of CD-ROM in the field of Water and Sewerage: A Report (CD-ROM, WWW-doc.)
Company Presentation (CD-ROM, MS Multimedia Viewer)
Presentation of Maps on CD-ROM (CD-ROM, MS Multimedia Viewer)
Presentation of Statistical Data (CD-ROM, MS Multimedia Viewer)
Presentation of Research Reports (CD-ROM, MS Multimedia Viewer)
The Multimedia Phone Book (CD-ROM, MS Multimedia Viewer)

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