Own 6502 constructions
Compukit UK101 and expansion units
At left the Compukit UK101 in a wooden handmade cabinet.
TV-set used as a monitor.
At right in the background the first made expansion unit.
At right in the foreground a later expansion unit with more RAM-memory.
In the front of the box (left) a ZIF-socket for burning EPROM, (center) a connection socket for I/O e.g. switches and (right) a power switch for EPROM-burning. 
Four different versions of own constructed 6502 computers (LWL01-04)
Down left the first version, LWL01. Down right the second version, LWL02. In the front of the box, reset button, I/O-socket and switches to set different functions. Up right the third version, LWL03. The construction is now contained on two boards, one double-sided for the computer components, the other for PSU (Power Supply Unit)
Up left the fourth version (and last), LWL04. Small changes with I/O-connections etc.
Finished 1984. 
Micro computer LWL03 and LWL04 for data collection.
Down a LWL03.
Up right a LWL04 (early version).
Up left a LWL04 (late version) with power connection (220 V) to the left.
The units were constructed to be used for data collection of digital changes, e.g. to collect operation time of different electrical equipment (pumps etc.)
Later models used CMOS circuits to reduce power consumption and had the possibility to use batteries. 
LWL04 for data collection
You can connect 4 digital objects.
At the display you can see the digital status of the objects.
Every time the status change, the status and the time is saved in the RAM-memory (which is battery backed-up).
It is possible to transfer the collected data from the memory to a computer by a serial link. 
LWL04 micro computer. Open box
At left in the box the power supply unit with battery back-up.
At right the back side of the micro computer board.
As a comparison, notice the match box!

Principal system design
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