The COMPUKIT UK101 has been adapted to satisfy a major need in the computer market. This is for an inexpensive and powerful system supporting a full BASIC package and with all the expansion, such as disk and hard printer etc., which the microcomputer industry is able to support.

The board consists of the following:

a. Full upper and lower-case ASCII keyboard - software scanned for speed and flexibility.
c. 2K monitor including machine code and floppy disk bootstrap.
d. Memory mapped VDU with its own 1K of dedicated RAM plus graphics. Line width selectable from 48 to 16 characters by 16 lines.
e. Up to 8K RAM on board making a total of 19K of addressable memory on the PCB.
f. Cassette interface (Kansas city) plus printer interface.
g. Full power supply - even the transformer is included.
h. Astec UHF modulator.
i. Supports all Ohio Scientific expansion as simple plug-in options including Floppy Disks.

The PCB is of full professional standard, plated-through holes - silk screened component positioning mask and sufficient mechanical strength to support the keyboard rigidly.
The entire system runs on a single + 5v Supply and with 8K RAM, uses 2 - 3 Amps at this voltage from the on-board power supply.

This manual gives constructional details along with a technical description of the system - full circuit diagrams are included and are explicit enough for any level of personal hardware modification. A section on usage of the machine is followed by a reference description of the BASIC language available on the COMPUKIT - this is in no sense meant to be a primer on the subject and, for the beginner, it must be read in conjunction with a book on BASIC.
A 6502 machine code instruction listing and some information on the processor is included at the end of this manual and is intended as a reference work only.

The COMPUKIT UK101 is described in a set of articles, by the Author of this Manual, published in Practical Electronics starting in the August 1979 edition.

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