TEGRA - European Manhole Design Wizard
Internet Demo Version (Best with screen 800*600 and no toolbar)
Only for Internet Explorer ver. 3.02 or higher!

To use this demo version of TEGRA - European Manhole Wizard you must do as follows:

1) Create a directory "c:\european"
2) Download to this directory demo project-file and demo data-files (demo.exe)
3) Expand demo.exe into 4 new files by double-clicking demo.exe in the directory

Download demo.exe

Now you can go to the demo-page. When doing this an ActiveX-control (646 kB) will be downloaded (you must set the security to "medium"). The control is not digitally signed (LeiLin Software warrants the safety of the control).
If you don't already have the file "msvbvm50.dll" installed it will also be downloaded (appr. 1 Mb).
Depending on the speed of your connection the downloading time will be between 5-20 minutes.
This downloading will only take place the first time you visit the demo page.

Go to Demo Page